How to apply?

Step 1 

Applicants' eligibility is based on "MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan" ( If the MOE Regulations are updated, these Regulations announced by the MOE will take priority.   So it is important that you make sure you are eligible to apply as an International Student.  For updated information relating to the MOE Regulations, please contact the MOE directly.

Step 2

Please check application schedule for each semester.  For specific information regarding each department's admission quota and requirements, please visit our website

Step 3

Create an account using your email address and choose your own password

Step 4 

International student admission application CAN only be completed and printed online

Step 5

Applicants must upload the following documents to before the deadline.

1. Application Form: the form will be generated automatically after completing the online application form.
2. The “Statutory Declaration form” and “Statement of Declaration on Foreign Academic Background”:both forms will be generated automatically after completing the online application form.
3. Application for NSYSU Financial Aids for Foreign Students (if applicable):the form will be generated automatically after completing the online admission application form.
4. Certificate of Nationality Renouncement of Republic of China (if applicable). Required for applicants who once held nationality of the Republic of China.  Applicants must have renounced their nationality for at least 8 years from the date of the certificate to the first day of the semester, February 1st or August 1st.

5. Certificate of Highest-Level Diploma and Transcript (Chinese or English):
For undergraduate programs, please provide high school diploma; for graduate programs, please provide Bachelor Degree Diploma; for doctorate programs, please provide Master’s Degree Diploma.
6. One financial statement issued by a bank in the country which the applicant resides.
7. A photocopy of Certificate of Nationality:i.e. passport, birth certificate or R.O.C ARC.
8. Other materials required by specific Undergraduate/Graduate Programs.
9. Other materials required by NSYSU Financial Aids for Foreign Students.

Step 6

Click "Submit" after uploading everything and go back to the system to check your "Data Audit" status every now and then and follow the comments on the page.



Appications received after the deadline will not be processed. Applicants alone are solely responsible if incomplete items delays in admission process. All documents submitted with the application will not be returned regardless of applicant’s admission status.  Please keep personal copy for future reference.